Hi, nice to meet you!

I am Megan and Murphy is my long time childhood dog! We are based just outside of Canberra, Australia.

Murphy & Me came about because I was tired of never finding that perfectly matched accessory! I started by making for myself and then family members and friends. It wasn't until they kept coming back for more that I thought I could do this on a larger level. So a month after having my son I decided to bring Murphy & Me to virtual shelves.

My aim is to create beautiful pieces, wearable everyday - why save your fave/beautiful accessories for a special occasion? Enjoy them everyday, I say!

All items in my store are made by me using high quality acrylics, findings and funky fabrics. 

This is the place to find fun, stylish and high quality handmade jewellery.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy looking around the store, I hope you find something that you love!

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Megan x